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Digital cluster meeting on 11 May was a complete success: In addition to digital exchange formats for discussions in and between platforms, 110 participants were able to inform themselves about the current research results of all platforms in the early afternoon. The meeting was concluded by exchange and by feedback from the management team.


Next FestBatt cluster meeting: 4/5 November 2020 (evaluation workshop)


15 October 2020: FestBatt Industry Day 2020 in Frankfurt on the Main (HOLM)

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  • Kadi4Mat is available as prototype for interested users! The focus of development so far has been to enable structured data storage and data exchange via a web interface. In addition, the use of analysis tools using machine learning is already possible in an experimental way, which is the preliminary stage for later analysis workflows, especially for use in material and battery research. The prototype can be reached at the URL, where further information can already be viewed without access, for example about future features.



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For the list of scientific publications please check the website in German language.